The first Rapid City Dr. Sketchy session will be from 6-9 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 14 at the Dahl and feature a model from the Zombie Dollz.
It takes place in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, and Tokyo, and now an alternative art movement is making its way to South Dakota with the help of Black Hills State University assistant professor Desy Schoenewies.

Schoenewies has been working with Naomi Even-Aberle, art education co-director at the Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City, on establishing the Rapid City Arts Council’s Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School. Dr. Sketchy’s anti-art school, founded in 2005 by two New York City artists, is an alternative drawing movement that has spread to more than 100 cities, 16 countries and five continents. The Rapid City branch is the first in South Dakota. The idea behind Dr. Sketchy’s is to bring together a community of artists and people interested in drawing into a fun atmosphere, Schoenewies said.

Schoenewies has previously worked with the San Francisco and St. Louis branches of Dr. Sketchy. When she moved here last August, she immediately thought a Dr. Sketchy would be a good addition to the Black Hills art community.

“It’s art. It’s entertainment. It’s community. It’s collaboration. It is all these things in one,” Schoenewies said. “I want to make art a much more interactive experience – get people out of the studios and into a group. Something like Dr. Sketchy’s is perfect for it.”

Even-Aberle had not heard of the Dr. Sketchy schools before Schoenewies brought up the idea of starting one in Rapid City.

“I researched it and thought it would be a great program to bring to this area,” she said. “I really feel this program fits a niche in the community that we don’t have.”  Even-Aberle noted that the Dr. Sketchy’s school brings an urban edge to the life drawing scene in Rapid City.

“The great thing about this program is that it really encourages people to step out of their box, come together and use the urban atmosphere within our community and just be creative,” Even-Aberle said.

Each Dr. Sketchy session includes costumed models that come in whatever persona or character they choose, Schoenewies said. “It’s a way to create different and interesting drawings from these different characters and personas.”

Dr. Sketchy Rapid City’s first class is Thursday, Feb. 14 from 6-9 p.m. at the Dahl and will feature one of the Zombie Dollz as a model with a theme of Love Bites.  

Even-Aberle said they encourage the models to interactive with the artists, sharing the stories of who they are.

Schoenewies said people do not have to be expert artists to attend the class. “It’s for anybody in the community who wants to come and draw,” she said. “In San Francisco, we had professional graphic designers next to famous illustrators next to people who worked in the financial sector.”

Future sessions include March 14, April 11 and May 9. People can register at the www.thedahl.org.

For more information on the Dr. Sketchy Rapid City go to the dahl.org or visit the school’s Facebook page.

Schoenewies said she is excited about the collaboration between BHSU and the Dahl along with the Rapid City Arts Council, and is working on future projects involving her art students.