Don Altmyer, BHSU associate professor of business and accounting and director of the BHSU Center for Economic Education.
Registration is now open for the spring session of the South Dakota Stock Market (SDSMG) game. The educational activity, which is coordinated by Black Hills State University, included more than 1,000 students from 46 schools throughout the state last year.

Teachers may now register for the Spring 2013 session of the South Dakota Stock Market Game Program (SDSMG.) The spring session begins Monday, Feb. 11 and ends its 10-week trading period Friday, April 19. 

The SDSMG is a real-time online stock market simulation where teams of students research and purchase a portfolio of stocks and compete for prizes in the middle school, high school and college divisions. 

According to Don Altmyer, BHSU associate professor of business and accounting and director of the BHSU Center for Economic Education which runs the SDSMG, the program is a great way to engage students of all ages. Students participating learn more effectively as they see how their classroom lessons apply to the real world. Teachers have found the program boosts student motivation and attendance.

“Once the teachers try itand see the (positive) reaction from their students, they usually come back,” he said.

The South Dakota Board of Education has mandated an economics or personal finance course as a state high school graduation requirement, and the SDSMG program provides teachers with lesson plans by subject and grade level that correlate to national content standards in economics and personal finance.

“Although the students are working with cyber dollars, they pick their portfolios and watch what happens.They really become invested in watching the market,” Altmyer said.

To register, go to www.stockmarketgame.org and click on Register Now, select USA and South Dakota, and select the Feb. 11 to April 19 trading session. Free web based teacher-training workshops will be conducted before the game starts.

There is a $10 team registration fee for teams of 2-3 students that includes access to online team-trading screens to research companies, a Teacher Support Center with online lesson plans by grade level and subject, and classroom activities to integrate the program into a variety of subjects.  The top teams receive cash prizes in each division.  Students who participate receive free entry into InvestWrite, our national writing competition where students compile online essays on the benefits of long term saving and investing.  The top essays receive a free trip for the team and teacher to New York City and the New York Stock Exchange.

The SDSMG is presented by the BHSU Center for Economic Education, the South Dakota Council on Economic Education, and the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIFMA.)The SMG program is consistently identified as the leader in youth financial education, and the only program proven to raise math, economics and personal finance test scores. Nationwide, more than 6000,000 students from all 50 states participate each year.

For more information on the program or the webinars, contact Professor Don Altmyer, SDSMG Coordinator at DonAltmyer@BHSU.edu or 605-642-6266.