Midwest photographer Dan Contonis has an exhibit of his photos at the BHSU President's Gallery on the second floor of Woodburn Hall. The show runs through Feb. 22
Nebraska native Dan Contonis’ passion for photography began at a young age when his parents first bought him a Kodak Duo-flex viewfinder camera.

While he worked as a property and casualty insurance agent for many years, his love for photography never waned, and he now has several photographs on exhibit in the President’s Gallery, located on the second floor of Woodburn Hall at Black Hills State University. Contonis’ show runs through Feb. 22.

Now retired, Contonis spends his time capturing life’s images through the lens of his camera. His photos currently on display on the BHSU campus include images from the Black Hills to Italy.

 Dan Contonis
In his artist’s statement, Contonis said he has evolved from that first Kodak camera that used 120 film to the Kodak Instamatic, simple 35mm, SLR 6 x 4.5 medium format professional, simple digital to the sophisticated digital camera equipment he uses now. To capture his unique style, Contonis uses several software packages to allow him a computer “dark room” within which he enhances, creates and manipulates images.

“The natural beauty of the Black Hills and surrounding areas cannot help but inspire one to want to capture some of that beauty and preserve it for others to enjoy that are not privileged to see it in the wild,” Contonis said. “The thing that makes being a photographer here in the hills is that one can shoot the same scene from season to season and never duplicate what was captured the first time.”

While he loves using the Black Hills as a subject, his images include a wide array of subjects and places throughout the United States and abroad.

Anyone interested in purchasing one of Contonis’ photos can contact Dave Wilson at David.Wilson@BHSU.edu