Black Hills State University faculty and staff are transforming lives and making headlines with their achievements.


Dr. Amy Fuqua, BHSU English professor, recently delivered a lecture titled “Reading Fiction and the Future of Democracy: Jane Austen and Toni Morrison” at the 19th annual Victor Emmett Jr. Memorial Lecture at Pittsburg State University. She was invited to deliver the lecture as the winner of the Victor J. Emmett Jr. Memorial Award which is given each year to the best essay on a literary topic published in the “Midwest Quarterly,” a publication put out by the Pittsburg State University English Department. Fuqua’s essay “’The Furrow of His Brow’: Providence and Pragmatism in Toni Morrison’s Paradise” appeared in the autumn 2012 issue of the “Midwest Quarterly.”


Dr. Ignatius Cahyanto, BHSU’s new tourism and hospitality management assistant professor, had his article “Tourist-resident interfaces: using reflexive photography to develop responsible rural tourism in Indonesia” published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism- one of the premier journals in tourism. His article examined how Indonesia can responsibly develop rural tourism within the tolerance range of local people, particularly for controlling their unique landscapes. It employs reflexive photography as a tool to involve residents for rural tourism development in Sambi village. This is his first publication as a faculty member at BHSU.


Dr. Kara Keeter, assistant professor of physics, Brianna Mount, postdoctoral, and Greg Serfling, graduate student, represented the BHSU Underground Physics group at the DarkSide Collaboration Meeting at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Assergi, Italy this summer. In addition, Keeter also delivered a talk at the Center for Theoretical Underground Physics workshop at  the Sanford Lab and led the BHSU QuarkNet Institute.




Dr.Brian Smith, professor of biology, was recently appointed to the advisors group of Midwestern Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation. PARC is a national group, divided into several regions, interested in conservation of reptiles and amphibians.