Tracy Spaans was one of 13 BHSU photography students chosen as finalists in the 32nd Annual College Photographers Competition by Photographers Forum Magazine. 

Photographers Forum Magazine chose 13 Black Hills State University photography students as finalists in the 32nd Annual College Photographers Competition. BHSU photography students selected in this year’s competition include: Anthony Petrone, Emily Reidman, Michael Wentworth, Dawn Adkins, Ian Craig, Andrew Rexroad, Linda Admundson, Amanda Goetz, Brooke Geier, Chris Yushta, Cory Schultz, Tamera Allen, and Tracy Spaans.

The annual international competition, which is sponsored by Nikon, draws submissions from art schools and universities around the world. In this year’s competition more than 15,000 photographs by more than 1,300 photography students were submitted for consideration. The top five percent of entries submitted were chosen as finalists. Photographic mediums included color, black and white,digital, and alternative silver processes. Judges for this year’s contest were: Dr. Janet Bonsal, University of Central Missouri; Christopher Broughton, Brooks Institute of Photography; and Mark Takeuchi, Art Center College of Design.

Competing against the nation’s finest art and photography schools, BHSU students once again performed extremely well. Steve Babbitt, BHSU photography professor noted, “The BHSU photography program has, over the past seven years, routinely placed in the top 10 percent of photography programs in the country participating in the Photographers Forum competition. Our students are as talented, hard-working and driven as they come. It is clear from their outstanding performance in the Photographers Forum competition over the past eight years that BHSU photography students can and do hold their own against the top photography programs in the country.”

For more information contact Steve Babbitt at Steve.Babbitt@BHSU.edu or605-642-6769.