BHSU students studying on campus greenBlack Hills State University enrollment this fall is 4,407 students. Enrollment at the state’s third-largest University includes students from each of the 66 counties in South Dakota, 43 states and 16 countries.

Enrollment at BHSU, which is nine percent more than five years ago, was expected to remain stable this year. The steady enrollment figures at BHSU are consistent with the overall enrollment in Regental universities across the state.  The slight decrease at BHSU, eight fewer students than last year, is less than a quarter of one percent change. The Regental system enrollment increased by just less than one percent.

BHSU continues to place an emphasis on increasing the number of students who complete their degrees. BHSU President Kay Schallenkamp noted that over the last five years, the number of individuals completing BHSU degree programs has increased by 24 percent.  Additionally the University has increased its focus on STEM (biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics degrees) to meet growing workforce needs. In the last five years the number of students completing degrees in those areas has increased by 95 percent.

“This increase in the number of students who successfully complete their degree programs is a testament to the University’s emphasis on retention and graduation.  We are dedicated to working with students to ensure they are successful in reaching their goal of earning their degree and successfully entering the workforce or graduate and professional schools,” Schallenkamp says.

Fall 2012 enrollment statistics:

  • More than 1,200 students are taking BHSU courses at the University Center-Rapid City. BHSU has taken a leadership role in the advancement of the University Center, which provides educational opportunities for students in the state’s second-largest city.
  • The number of students enrolled in internet courses showed a slight increase to 1,204. Many students who attend classes on campus or at the University Center-Rapid City also take classes online. 
  • The number of students who are dual enrolled (taking University classes while in high school) increased by 14%. BHSU works with area high schools to provide this exceptional opportunity for high school students to earn University credit at a reduced rate while they adjust to the rigor of University level work and prepare for their University educational career. 
  • BHSU, which historically has had the highest percentage of American Indian students among the state universities, again recorded an increase in students from this minority group (172 American Indian students this fall).  BHSU also noted increases in other minority groups. 
  • The University saw an increase in the number of students from East River counties.
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