The Dakota Amphibian and Reptile Network (DARN), an organization founded by Black Hills State University science professors, will host their fifth annual meeting in on the campus of BHSU Saturday, May 26.

Founded by Dr. Hugh Quinn, research associate at BHSU, and Dr. Brian Smith, professor of biology at BHSU, DARN is devoted to the study of the reptiles and amphibians of the Dakotas, including both North and South Dakota. Currently there are nearly 120 DARN members from not only the Dakotas, but also from at least a dozen other states.  Members represent various universities from within and outside of the Dakotas region, the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, zoos, museums, private individuals, South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks, Wyoming Game and Fish, and more. 

Meeting topics will include: amphibian research at the U.S. Geological Survey's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center; reproduction and growth of South Dakota ornate box turtles; venom proteomics of the prairie rattlesnake; cadmium levels in amphibians and North Dakota wetlands; Wyoming's current herpetology program; effect of temperature on postmaturation metamorphosis in the western tiger salamander; threats to the herpetofauna in South Dakota; northern leopard frogs in Wall Ranger District;  redbelly snake activity along roadways near a presumed hibernaculum; and many more.

The meeting will be held in Jonas Hall, room 305 and is free and open to the public.  Anyone interested in amphibians and reptiles are welcome to attend.  For more information contact Smith at 642-6879 or Brian.Smith@BHSU.edu.