Black Hills State University faculty are making headlines and transforming lives.

Dr. Christian Nsiah, associate professor of economics, along with Dr. Dan Spencer, former BHSU associate professor of tourism, had an economic impact study about the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery study he worked on with accepted for publication in Tourism Management.  Their paper entitled, "The Economic Consequences of Community Support for Tourism:  A Case Study of a Heritage Fish Hatchery," documents the economic impact of the Spearfish community’s support and dedication to keep the hatchery open and promote it after it was closed in 1983 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).  Tourism Management is the leading international journal for those interested in the planning and management of travel and tourism.


Nsiah and Chen Wu, assistant professor of economics, co-authored a paper with a colleague at another institution entitled, "An Investigation of U.S. States High-Tech, Low-Tech, and Total Manufacturing Performance in Asia" which was accepted for publication by the Journal of Economics, Missouri Valley Economics Association (MVEA).


Dr. James Hesson, professor of exercise science, authored a chapter on walking in the 15th edition of the textbook Sports and Recreational Activities published by McGraw-Hill. His chapter describes walking as a health and fitness activity, a recreational activity, and a competitive event.  Hesson is the author of the new edition, 10th edition, of the Weight Training for Life textbook, published by Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.  Hesson wrote this book to teach people the importance of weight training as a lifetime fitness activity to build and maintain: strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, body composition, metabolic rate, muscle density, tendon strength, ligament strength, bone density, and to slow the rate of decline that normally occurs with aging.