Sandy Klarenbeek, health educator in the College of Education at Black Hills State University, recently served on the planning team, and also presented at the annual Coordinated School Health Leadership Institute in Pierre.

Klarenbeek presented her work with the “Aligning Health and Reading with a HEAP of Books.” This presentation described a recent workshop conducted with Dr. Joanna Jones, assistant professor in the College of Education, the week prior to the Institute.

The second presentation by Klarenbeek was “Assessment FOR Learning.” Klarenbeek presented research, mainly by Rick Stiggins, that talks about the purpose of assessment as a tool for student motivation and improved student achievement.

This year’s theme was “Getting it Started – Keeping It Going.”  There were 18 school teams from across the state that met to learn about what’s happening with Coordinated School Health in South Dakota.

According to Klarenbeek, there was a rich discussion on the differences between formative assessment and summative assessment and the goal for assessment. One particularly interesting variable in this presentation was the participation of two high school students in the audience. Their comments were very valuable and affirmed the research presented.

It was a new training opportunity supported by the Coordinated School Health Office to incorporate health into the reading program by teaching the teachers to make connections between the health knowledge and skills their students should achieve in order to become health literate. Klarenbeek displayed and described a multitude of books to be used in their daily lessons and explained which health standard matched with the story and how to expand the learning activities into health related lessons.