Faculty and staff from Black Hills State University’s Center for the Conservation of Biological Resources (CCBR) recently presented research at the International Summit of Evolutionary Change in Human Altered Environments at UCLA.

There were 325 people from 21 countries that attended the conference, featuring 104 people that presented their research findings. Attending from BHSU were: Shane Sarver, professor of biology and director of CCBR; Garth Spellman, research assistant professor; and Raeann Mettler, graduate student in Integrative Genomics from Rapid City. The group presented, Conservation genetics of the American Dipper (Cinclus mexicanus): declining population size in an impacted population in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Cryptic genetic variation in a coniferous forest management indicator species (Aves, Certhiidae: Certhia Americana).

The summit featured discussions from leading evolutionary biologists, poster presentations, and working groups. A central goal of the summit was to bring together academic researchers and policy makers to frame real-world solutions to climate change, emerging diseases, deforestation, invasive species and genetically modified organisms.

The event was hosted by the UCLA Institute of the Environment. Blackwell Publishing will publish the proceedings as a special issue of the journal, Molecular Ecology.