“Black Hills Cabin” by Jenny Braig is among the artwork currently on display at the Ruddell Gallery at Black Hills State University.

An art exhibition titled “Patterns and Paint: The Artwork of Three Women,” is currently on display in the Ruddell Gallery at Black Hills State University. The exhibition is comprised of work from local artists Jenny Braig, Paula Manley, and Joan Sowada.

Braig is a signature member of the Artists of the Black Hills. According to her artist statement, her goal is to tell stories with lines, colors and texture and make beautiful, well crafted objects out of oil paint.

Manely’s collection of Crow Peak paintings was designed to be story starters. According to Manley, she wants the viewers to look at her paintings and fabricate their own stories as to the meanings of the paintings.

Sowada uses the cozy medium of fabric that adds comfort to the conversation. She has recently started working with a palette of colors that are inspired by the plains of Wyoming. According to her artist statement, she wishes to communicate concepts of tapping into the source, impermanence, and of close examination of the interior and exterior worlds.

The exhibition is on display through Nov. 18. The gallery is located on the second floor of the David B. Miller Yellow Jacket Student Union and is open during normal business hours.