Black Hills State University has had an enrollment increase of over 8 percent in the last two years (fall 2009 to fall 2011) despite a decline this fall compared to last fall. Total enrollment for BHSU this fall is 4,415.

The number of students pursuing their undergraduate degree increased this fall.

Corinne Hansen, director of Marketing and Communications at BHSU, notes that the University is on track with enrollment goals. The decline in graduate enrollments was expected and is due to a large influx last fall of graduate students, primarily teachers taking graduate courses which were funded through a grant.

Dr. Pat Simpson, dean of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, explains, “Black Hills State University has intermittent opportunities to provide professional development to large groups of South Dakota teachers. Last fall we partnered with TIE to provide courses in new and emerging technologies for schools to more than 200 teachers.” She noted that these courses are typically offered in the summer.

The number of students enrolled in BHSU courses at the University Center – Rapid City also continues to increase. There are now just over 1,200 students taking BHSU courses at the University Center in the state’s second largest city, an increase of 10 percent over the last two years and an increase of nearly 9 percent over last year.

The number of students enrolled in internet courses continues to increase as well. Over the last two years, BHSU has seen a 43 percent increase in undergraduate students taking internet courses and a 14 percent increase in the number of graduate students taking internet courses.

This fall BHSU has students from each of the 66 counties in South Dakota, 44 states and 26 countries.

In the last five years BHSU has had significant enrollment growth with an overall increase of just over 13 percent.