Black Hills State University faculty are making headlines and transforming lives.

Dr. Hee-Kwon Jung, assistant professor of marketing, was informed that his paper titled “The impact of perception factors on consumer reaction under product recalls” was accepted by the Academy of Business Research (ABR) and published in the Academy of Business Research Journal, Volume 1 (pp 73-92), 2011. All papers in ABRJ are double blind peer reviewed.

Dr. Brian Smith, professor of biology, and Hugh Quinn, adjunct researcher, have received a grant from the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks (SDGFP) to study anthropogenic threats to the reptiles and amphibians of South Dakota. Funding was provided by a federal match source called State Wildlife Grants and SDGFP Wildlife Division dollars to assist with the revision of the South Dakota Wildlife Action Plan.

Dave Wilson, associate professor of art, and James Louks, recent graduate, have collaborated for an art exhibition of 30 paintings that displayed at the Laura A. Sprague Gallery at Joliet Junior College in Illinois. The exhibition is titled "Persona Non Grata" and the artworks de-construct the celebrity persona from two distinctly different generational perspectives. Louks is currently studying at the University of Montana in their master of fine arts program.

Kent Meyers, associate professor of humanities, had an essay titled “Naked Time” published in an anthology from the University of Texas Press, titled West 98: Living and Writing the American West. The editors invited noted writers living west of the 98th meridian to submit an essay that deals with some aspect of life in the American West. Meyers wrote about the ways that western landscapes make time visible through such things as erosion, geologic formations, and fossils, and how people living in the American West are therefore sensitive to time in ways that those living in other parts of the nation are not.

Don Altmyer, professor of business, wrote an article titled “Introducing Dr. Kevin Donnelly: Frisbee Golf’s First Modern Promoter” that was accepted for publication in DiscGolfer Magazine. Altmyer had the privilege of meeting Donnelly in a chance encounter this summer during his travels to the PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships.

Dr. Byron Hollowell, assistant professor of business, had his article titled “Examining the Long term Performance of TARP Firms” accepted for publication in The Journal of International Finance Studies (JIFS) Volume 12, 2012. The JIFS is a peer-reviewed journal listed in Cabell's Directories of Refereed Publications with a 25% acceptance rate. The JIFS invites papers with theoretical and conceptual research on topics related to international finance research and industry practice.