A cemetery walk at Rose Hill Cemetery, Saturday, Sept. 24, at 2 p.m. will highlight Spearfish and Black Hills State University history.

Eleven actors will portray some of the historical figures who are buried in the cemetery. The historical figures include BHSU’s first two presidents Fayette L. Cook and E. C. Woodburn; stagecoach driver Harvey Fellows; pioneer teacher Rebecca Evans; and Mary Kercheval, who was born into slavery in Kentucky and died as a South Dakota landowner.

The monologues were written by Paul Higbee, BHSU Class of ‘76, and Kaija Swisher, based on the subjects' own writings, as well as family interviews and obituaries.

Joe Saracco, BHSU Class of ’73, located authentic period costuming for the event. Actors include: Tim Molseed, BHSU professor of education; Elizabeth “Hoodie” Smock, BHSU Class of ’72: Wendy Mendoza, BHSU Class of ’77; Randy Bender; Scott Kennedy; Rand Williams, BHSU Class of ’76; Laurie Hayes; Paul Stillson; Jim Hood, BHSU Class of ’69; Tim Molseed, BHSU professor of education; Kathryn Sosa; and Kaija Swisher.

Jon Wiley, BHSU class of ’74, and his wife Linda worked with the city of Spearfish, Spearfish Parks and Recreation and Spearfish Area Historical Society to coordinate the cemetery walk. The event is free and open to the public.