Dr. Ahrar Ahmad

Dr. Ahrar Ahmad, professor of political science at Black Hills State University who was recently named the 2007 Distinguished Faculty recipient, donated his monetary award to support BHSU scholarships. 

 “I was thrilled and humbled at being chosen for the Distinguished Faculty Award. I am thankful to my colleagues whose dedication and professionalism have encouraged me, my wife whose affection and support has sustained me, and my students whose industry and spirit have inspired me, and probably, more than others, made this award possible,” Ahmad said of his decision. “In a way this credit belongs to them. In that context, I would like to donate the entire monetary part of this award to academic scholarships. I could never repay the enormous gifts and blessings I have received from this school and this community. This is merely a small symbolic gesture of my gratitude and appreciation.”

Ahmad, who has been teaching at BHSU since 1992, was chosen for the Distinguished Faculty Award due to his outstanding contributions to BHSU, the state, the nation, and the world.  The $1,000 monetary award will go to the Sam DeCory Memorial Scholarship Fund.

President Kay Schallenkamp expressed her appreciation for the donation.

“Your generosity is overwhelming.  Thank you for thinking of the needs of our students,” Schallenkamp said.

Ahmad’s contributions to national and world society are evident in his many publications, invitations to present keynote lectures and presentations, as well as his on-campus activities related to awareness and understanding of international affairs, world religions, and world hunger. In addition to his outstanding work with students, Ahmad is engaged in research projects and plays a vital role in the Chiesman Foundation for Democracy.

Ahmad is actively involved in various university and community events and is a mentor and valued advisor to students. Ahmad has been selected by students as “Homecoming Dad” on three different occasions. He is also frequently chosen for student sponsored panel discussions.

The BHSU Distinguished Faculty Award is presented each spring to encourage and reward outstanding teaching and professional dedication by faculty members at BHSU. The recipient is formally recognized during the spring commencement ceremony and is invited to deliver a keynote address at the following year’s commencement ceremony.