Black Hills State University notified a group of students today that their social security numbers had been temporarily available through a public web page.

A document that included names and social security numbers for 56 students was inadvertently added to the university website. BHSU officials met with these students to inform them of the situation and offer advice and contact information to deal with this issue.

As soon as university officials were aware that the document was on the website, the document was removed. The information is no longer available.

"We deeply regret this incident occurred. Our immediate concern is for the students and taking steps to ensure that this will never again occur,” said Dr. Kay Schallenkamp, president of BHSU. "We have notified the students who were affected to let them know that their social security number may have been compromised. We have provided students with information about how to handle the situation.”

The university has taken steps to ensure that all social security numbers remain secure. The university is also ensuring that all faculty and staff understand the importance of not allowing access to social security numbers.

Concerned students or parents should contact Corinne Hansen, director of communications and marketing, at 642-6215.

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