Black Hills State University will begin the community lecture and lunch series Thursday, Oct. 21, at 11:30 in the Jacket Legacy Room of the David B. Miller Yellow Jacket Student Union. Dr. David Siemens, associate professor of biology, will be speaking on “House Hunting Botany Style: What limits the evolution of local range in plants.”

Siemens and his students have recently found that plants that are inherently high in concentrations of naturally occurring toxins are less able to tolerate stressful environments that occur just beyond their natural ranges. This inherent conflict between defense and stress tolerance may explain the restricted ranges of many plant species and help predict future distributions of plants in the face of climate change. Siemens will also explain what they think causes the conflict and further implications of this research to plant distributions in the region, especially important in light of concerns over global warming.

The Community Lecture and Lunch Series is free and open to the public. Attendees are asked to bring lunch or purchase it at the Student Union Hive.

Upcoming lectures include:

  • Nov. 18 – Dr. John Alsup, professor of education – ”Teaching Math in Rural Tanzania”
  • Feb. 17 – Dr. David Wolff, assistant professor of history– “Dying in Deadwood: Violence on the Black Hills Mining Frontier”
  • March 3 – Dr. Laura Colmenero-Chilberg, assistant professor of social science, and Dr. Pam Carriveau assistant professor of social science – “Family Feuds: Abortion Battles over the Future of the American Family”
  • April 14 – Dr. Chen Wu, assistant professor of business – "China: the Rising Dragon and its Challenges"

For more information please visit www.BHSU.edu/Lectures.