Black Hills State University faculty are transforming lives and making headlines.

Dr. Adam Bailey, assistant professor of business, had his paper entitled "The Nonworseness Claim and the Moral Permissibility of Better-Than-Permissible Acts" for publication in the journal Philosophia. Founded in 1971, Philosophia is a much-respected journal that has provided a platform to many well-known philosophers including Kenneth Arrow, A.J. Ayer, Roderick Chisholm and many others.

Dr. James Hesson, professor of physical education and health, was invited by the National Strength and Conditioning Association to be the senior and scientific presenter at a three-day Tactical Strength and Conditioning Course (NSCA-TSAC) held this summer and conducted at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas, Wyo.

Dr. Kathleen Matthew, associate professor of education, had an article entitled “Origin Stories: Geography, Culture and Belief” published in Social Studies and the Young Learner V22(4).


Jace DeCory, instructor of history and social science, presented at a West River History Conference luncheon. DeCory’s presentation was entitled "Mitakuyepi Wopila Heca" (We are grateful for our relatives).