This photograph, Jumping Boy, taken by BHSU photography professor, Steve Babbitt, was chosen for inclusion in the Art of Photography Show 2007, a world-class international exhibition of photographic art.

Steve Babbitt, photography professor at Black Hills State University, recently received word that one of his photographs has been chosen for inclusion in the Art of Photography Show 2007, a world-class international exhibition of photographic art.

There were more than 9,800 entries from 37 countries for the 2007 show. Babbitt’s photography was chosen as one of 103 pieces selected by judge Tim B. Wride, head of the department of photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and executive director of the No Strings Foundation.

The exhibit will be displayed April 14 through May 28 at the Lyceum Theatre Gallery located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego, Calif. This show features all forms of photographic art -- images shot on film, digitial shots, unaltered shots, alternative process, mixed media, digital manipulations, montages, and more. The opening reception gala is scheduled for April 14. Babbitt hopes to attend the reception.

This presentation of world-class photographic art is impressive, to say the least, according to the Steven Churchill,.curator of the Lyceum Theatre Gallery.

“These images represent an exceptional presentation of photographic art from around the globe. The Art of Photography Show strives to showcase a truly excellent gathering of photographic art, to elevate and promote this art form,” Churchill says.

More than 20,000 people are expected to view the show during the six-week run at the Lyceum Theatre Gallery, which is open seven days a week.

According to Babbbitt, his photograph, Jumping Boy, which was selected to be part of the show, is an image of his son and son’s cousins playing in a fountain on a bright cloudless mid-afternoon.

“I noticed the interesting and beautiful way the sun filtered through the fine spray of water in the air and how it changed the color and contrast of all of the children playing. It looked as though everything was hidden behind a veil. I felt that an image may appear if I watched, and sure enough, within a few minutes some of the boys playing started jumping up and down playing some sort of game,” Babbitt says. “I started shooting and was fortunate to capture a moment where the boy seemed to be floating and the rest of the composition (his hand, the boys behind him and the spray of water) came together.”

The prestigious show began in 2004 when Steven Churchill organized, curated and judged the first Art of Photography Show. For additional details see www.artofphotographyshow.com/lyceum.html.

Babbitt begin teaching classes in journalism and photography at BHSU in 1994. He holds a masters of fine arts degree in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute.