The C-U-R-E (Community-University-Resource-Exchange) Office announces mini-grants are available for faculty and staff interested in sponsoring service-learning projects.

The objective of these mini-grants is to support high quality projects involving BHSU students in service-learning activities.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to apply if they are teaching a course that includes a community service learning project for students. Also, advisors for student organizations and staff member sponsoring a community service project with students are encouraged to apply.

Funding for this grant program has been provided through the Midwest Consortium for Service-Learning in Higher Education through Learn and Serve America, a branch of the federal Corporation for National and Community Service. All projects must abide by the granting agency’s prohibitions and restrictions (contact the C-U-R-E office for complete guidelines).

Special consideration is given, although grants are not limited to, applications which involve working with youth in disadvantaged circumstances and with intergenerational dialogues (three or more generations). Projects must include a 100 percent cash or in-kind match.

Successful grant applications will include:

  • C-U-R-E mini-grant cover sheet (form provided)
  • Grant narrative (2-4 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font)
  • Description of the project
  • Description of need for the project, including how the project was selected
  • Community partner/sponsoring agency information, including how the agency was selected
  • Description of project learning outcomes (for curricular applications, project learning outcomes should be closely related to course learning outcomes)
  • Plans for participant orientation (training on issues, project, need, etc.) and reflection (journals, reflective papers, discussion, etc.)
  • Explanation of evaluation plan and how completion of learned outcomes will be determined
  • Project dissemination plans
  • Plan for use of funds, including description of proposed matching funds
  • Budget description including 100 percent cash or in-kind match (form provided)
  • Syllabus, or addendum to syllabus, describing grade criteria for service-learning project and learning outcomes for course (if applicable)

Allowable expenses include travel, food, lodging, supplies, equipment and dissemination material. Proper State of South Dakota purchasing procedure will be required. Funds may not be used to:

  • Provide for international travel
  • Provide religious instruction, conduct worship services, or engage in any form of proselytizing
  • Assist, promote, or deter union organizing
  • Finance any activity designed to influence the outcome of an election or influence a particular piece of legislation or participate in, or endorse events or activities which are likely to include advocacy for or against political parties, political platforms, political candidates, proposed legislation, or elected officials

Review of applications begins Feb. 19. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until grant funds are exhausted. Some funding will be reserved for projects occurring in the fall 2007 semester. Applications will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee of faculty and staff. All funds will be dispersed by Sept. 15.

All funded projects must submit a final report no more than 30 days after the conclusion of the project. Projects must be completed by Nov. 1, including submission of the final report and all receipts.

The C-U-R-E Office is located on the top floor of the Student Union. Call 642-6471 or stop by Student Union Room 223 for more information if you are interested.