Black Hills State University faculty are transforming lives and making headlines.

Dr. Christian Nsiah, assistant professor of economics, and two co-authors had their paper entitled "Tourism and Economic Growth; Latin America" accepted for publication in Tourism Economics, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the economics and finance of tourism worldwide.

Dr. Ken Schallenkamp, associate professor of business, and his co-author had their paper entitled “Active and Individualized Instruction: Threaded Discussions and Teaching Business Ethics On-line” accepted for presentation at the National Mountain Plains Management Conference (MPMC) in October 2010 in the Pedagogy Track. Schallenkamp and another co-author had their paper “Hat Trick Strategizing: ‘Scoring’ with Legal Issues” accepted for presentation at the 2010 Midwest Academy of Management (MAM) conference to be held in Grand Forks, N.D. in October.

Dr. Sheng Yang, associate professor of finance, and Dr. Annette Ryerson, assistant professor of marketing, had their paper entitled, "Correcting for Selectivity Bias in the Estimation of Tourist Spending Surveys” accepted to Tourism Economics for publication.