Black Hills State University faculty, staff, and their families recently competed in the BHSU Biggest Loser Competition.

The competition idea was started by Shelby Cihak, senior secretary for the College of Arts and Sciences, and Cami Dohman, secretary for the College of Arts and Sciences in January. Cihak and Dohman started the competition because of their personal desire to lose weight, but the competition turned into more than they could have imagined.

Fifty-three people signed up to participate in the competion. Each participant paid a $20 entry fee. Participants took advantage of reduced fees for exercise classes and free indoor track usage from the Young Center for the duration of the contest.

The competition was divided into two divisions, males against males and females against females. Winners from each group split the prize money.

Mitch Hopewell, graduate distance education coordinator with Educational Outreach, won the male division with a total weight loss of 46.5 pounds. Dorean Ragnone, wife of Rapid City adjunct instructor Peter Ragnone, won the women’s division with a total weight loss of 34.5 pounds.

“Even though it was a competition, we all worked together to accomplish the main goal, a lifestyle change,” said Cihak. “Cami and I are very proud of everyone who participated and we are just glad that we could be a part of the whole thing. Now that Biggest Loser is over, we are thinking of other health related contests/competitions.”

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