Black Hills State University freshman science education major Nicole DeJong from Avon, will receive a special scholarship for underground science.

The Davis-Bahcall Scholarships for Underground Science by 3M Company will pay tuition and room and board for the students to participate in a summer study program that visits Sanford Laboratory at Homestake in Lead, S.D., Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy, and Princeton University in New Jersey.

DeJong and the other successful scholarship recipients will take part in a five week program beginning in late June where they will study a variety of science-related fields, including physics, engineering and geology. They also will interact with distinguished professors from around the world, and the students will receive college credits.

“I am excited about this opportunity. It will be hard work and a good challenge. It will also be great to work and study in another country with researchers from all over the world,” DeJong says.

The program is named in honor of Dr. Ray Davis Jr. and Dr. John Bahcall, whose Nobel Prize- winning experiments into the discovery of neutrinos were conducted at the Homestake Mine.

The annual Davis-Bahcall Scholarships are open to high school seniors and college freshman. The curriculum begins with a visit to the site of the Sanford Lab and the Deep Underground Science & Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL). The studies will continue with deep-science experiments at Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy, and conclude at the Physics Department of Princeton University.

Funding for the scholarship program is underwritten by a generous grant from 3M Company.