Black Hills State University now offers Buzz Cards for visitors on campus. Guest Buzz Cards can be purchased using cash or credit card for $1 and activated with any monetary value at the Payment Headquarters in Location (PHIL) located on campus. The cards may be used for any of the dining options on campus as well as copiers, laundry machines, campus vending machines, and off-campus merchants that accept the BHSU Buzz Card.

The guest cards can also be refilled in any amount using the PHIL machines. PHIL ‘s are located in Woodburn Hall, the E.Y. Berry Library Learning Center, the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center, the David B. Miller Yellow Jacket Student Union, Jonas Hall, Clare and Josef Meier Hall, and in each of the residence halls.

Guest Buzz Cards cannot be used for door access, library services, or campus events access.

For more information about the Guest Buzz Cards contact Jerry Swarts, director of University Support Services, at 642-6565 or email Jerry.Swarts@BHSU.edu.