Black Hills State University is hosting a series of videos and talks on the topic of sustainability, the ability to achieve continuing economic prosperity while protecting the natural systems of the planet and providing a high quality of life for its people. All sessions will be held at 4 p.m. in Jonas Hall room 305.

The first session will be Wednesday, Feb. 21. The video “The Power of Community,” depicting one nation’s response to the end of cheap energy, will be shown.

The second session will be Wednesday, Feb. 28. During this session, Carolyn Ferrell, from the Center for the Conservation of Biological Resources, will present “Wild Life Forensics in Terms of Conservation.”

The third session will feature the film “An Inconvenient Truth,” based on Al Gore’s book on global warming. It will be shown Wednesday, March 28.

The fourth and final session, Wednesday, April 18, will feature a demonstration by Rick Jost, from the Haiti Solar Oven Project, on solar ovens used in Haiti for cooking, purifying water, and the conservation of non-renewable fuels.

For more information, contact Andy Johnson at AndyJohnson@bhsu.edu or 642-6508.