Black Hills State University faculty are transforming lives and making headlines with their achievements.

Dr. Bobbi Looney, instructor of business communications, and Dr. Annette Ryerson, professor of marketing, had their paper entitled “Expecting Less and Getting More: Trike Survey Over Performs” accepted for publication in The Business Review, Cambridge, Vol. 14, Summer



Deaver Traywick, Director of the Writing Center, is featured in a new book, Undergraduate Research in English Studies, which focuses on student scholarship. According to editor Joyce Kinkead, “Traywick’s chapter on the responsible conduct of research in writing studies is going to be a benchmark. It was a brilliant essay from the first draft.” Undergraduate Research in English Studies centers on giving undergraduates in English the same research opportunities as those in the sciences to benefit from undertaking real research that can inform and have an impact on practitioners in the discipline.