In celebration of Valentine’s Day, senior honors student Cara Bandalos, English major from Guernsey, Wyo., and Dr. Margee Husemann, assistant professor of humanities at Black Hills State University, will direct a reading of poems of love, romance, and seduction. The presentation will be held Feb. 8 at 4 p.m. in the Honors Lounge located in Jonas 103 A on the BHSU campus.

Students, faculty and staff, and members of the community are invited to bring their favorite published love poems to read to the group or just to come and listen. The presentation is free of charge.

Bandalos is completing her senior honors project this semester, a thesis on the Wife of Bath’s tale from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Her project director is Nick Wallerstein, professor of humanities, and her honors advisor is Husemann.

Honors students are required to complete rigorous honors projects to fulfill the honors curriculum. These students not only participate in the university’s honors program but also complete the challenging honors curriculum. The final part of that curriculum is a major research or creative project in the student’s academic field of study. According to Dr. Amy Fuqua, honors director, the project must be approved by the Honors Advisory Committee, which is a group of 12 faculty members representing all academic disciplines.

The project, once approved, generally takes at least a year to complete and ends with an oral presentation on campus or at a regional or national conference. This work earns the student six hours of credit. Honors scholars are recognized with the presentation of a gold medallion, which they wear to graduation. There are currently 76 honors students at BHSU. For more information, contact Amy Fuqua at 642-6397 or Amy.Fuqua@BHSU.edu.