Dr. Kristi L. Pearce, Black Hills State University associate vice president for Academic Affairs recently authored a chapter in a higher education management and leadership publication.

As a result of participating in the Harvard Professional Development Institute on Management and Leadership in Higher Education Pearce was asked by the editor, Dr. Sheying Chen to contribute a chapter for Academic Administration: A Quest for Better Management and Leadership in Higher Education to be distributed by Nova Publishers.

Pearce’s chapter presents an overview of the “leading from the middle” concept in management to frame the role that the Associate Chief Academic Officer plays in higher education. Chapter 5, written by Pierce, is organized around seven areas common to this particular academic position: leadership roles and responsibilities; strategic planning and execution; relationships with students and stakeholders; the well-being of faculty and staff; sustaining the focus on learning; measurement, analysis, and knowledge management; and results across student learning and organizational outcomes.

To breathe “real life” into chapter Pearce interviewed associate chief academic officers from across the United States to gather experiential wisdom of middle level leaders in higher education. As a result, the chapter provides lessons learned from those “on the ground” to illustrate the seven areas captured in the literature review. The textbook can be purchased online from: https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog