Black Hills State University faculty and staff are transforming lives and making headlines with their achievements.


Dr. Len Austin, associate professor of education; and Dr. John Alsup, professor of education, presented at the World Civic Forum at the United Nations Conference in Seoul, Korea. Austin presented, “Teaching People Not Content: Using Higher Education to Develop Humanitarian Skills.” Alsup’s presentation was titled, “Teaching Mathematics in Rural Tanzania.”




Dr. Ron DeBeaumont, associate professor of business; and Dr. Sheng Yang, associate professor of business, had their article “Pay as Incentive or Pay as Reward? The Case of Taiwan” published in the Journal of Asian Economics.





Dr. John Glover, interim director of the Center for American Indian Studies at BHSU, co-presented an ethics workshop for a group of Veterans' Administration staff from the Boston area, which included health care providers from the New England area. Glover presented with Michael Tate Barkley, a Houston attorney and University of Houston adjunct professor of communications ethics. In 2008, Barkley published Successful Ethical Decision-Making with Glover as a contributing author.