Black Hills State University faculty and staff are transforming lives and making headlines with their achievements.
Dr. Andy Johnson, associate professor of science, recently presented at a conference in Boise Idaho. The presentation was titled "Learning Science Through Inquiry - Deep Understanding of Science for All Students at All Levels." Johnson focuses on ways in teaching science in new ways in order to promote the larger goals.

Roger Miller, associate professor of geography, recently presented a paper entitled “International Study of Pedagogical Styles of Teaching Geography” at the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting on March 27. Research was conducted comparing the teaching of Geography in Australia, Japan, and the United States to improve validity, while selected classes in these three countries were filmed earlier at The University of the Sunshine Coast, Gifu University, and Black Hills State University respectively. These visual materials were converted from original formats to the U.S standard (NTSC), which allowed preliminary findings to be presented in Grand Forks, North Dakota during September 2008 at a regional meeting of the AAG.


Deb Henriksen, director of student financial services; and Kim Nida, assistant director of student financial services, were recognized for their years of service in the financial aid office at South Dakota Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (SDASFAA) conference in Keystone. Nida has been in the office 10 years and Henriksen is in her 25 year.




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