Paul Kopco, instructor of mass communications at Black Hills State University, served as a technical consultant for a recent documentary.

Kopco completed the final sound mix and final mastering of the DVD, and created some of the graphics used in the new documentary, "Unplanned Democracy: America's First Vote on Abortion."

In the last two elections, the state of South Dakota took steps toward overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling on abortion rights. This documentary reveals how South Dakota's historic elections continue to reverberate on both sides of the abortion wars. According to Kopco, this documentary is a journalist's look at how the emotional and volatile social issue played out in the political campaign of 2006 which does not take sides on the issue but rather examines how America's modern political machinery dealt with this issue.

Denise Ross, blogger, political columnist, and former reporter for the Rapid City Journal, directed and produced the film.

The documentary is being screened across the state. More details about the film are available at Ross' blog website, www.hoghouseblog.com. A trailer of the documentary can be seen on YouTube by searching for "Unplanned Democracy.”

Kopco joined the BHSU staff in 1996.  He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from University of Florida and a mater’s in curriculum and instruction from BHSU.  He teaches computer graphics, multimedia design, and digital audio and video classes at the University.