Dr. Gary Hagerty, assistant professor of mathematics at Black Hills State University, will participate in a panel discussion at the Joint Meeting of American Mathematics Society, a conference that brings over 5,000 collegiate mathematics professors from around the world to share and participate in the dissemination of theoretical and educational applications of collegiate mathematics.

Haggerty’s panel will discuss “The art of test-making and alternative assessments.” The panel discussion is sponsored by Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching), a professional development program that provides assistance to mathematicians who are going to be teaching at the collegiate level for the first time.

Hagerty was invited to participate this past May in response to three presentations and two papers that focused on methods of changing educational practices of collegiate algebra, to improve success rates and working on making math applicable to the near future of students’ lives.

The joint meeting will take place Jan. 5 – 8 in Washington D.C. Other members of the panel are: Dr. David M. Bressoud, president elect of the Math Association of America and professor at Macalester College; Dr. Richard J. Cleary, professor at Bentley College; and Barbara E. Reynolds, professor at Cardinal Stritch University.