Idell Conaway's exhibit, "The Underwater World of Idell Conaway," will be on display in the BHSU Ruddell Gallery through Nov. 14.

Idell Conaway will be displaying photographs in the Ruddell Gallery on the second floor of the David B. Miller Student Union at Black Hills State University.  The exhibit, “The Underwater World of Idell Conaway,” will be on display through Nov. 14.

The brilliant color photographs by underwater photographer Idell Conaway capture the dazzling invertebrate life that flourished in the unique ecology of coral reefs, from purple anemones to pale yellow sea squirts.

Some years ago she challenged herself to scuba lessons, expanding her travels to below the surface of the seas.  This current show of underwater photos is made up of recent works from the Sulu Sea, west of Mindanao in the Phillipines, the southern Red Sea in the waters of Yemen and Djibouti, off of Borneo, as well as from the waters around some northern Caribbean islands.  

The Ruddell Gallery is open during regular business hours to the public at no charge.  For further information contact Jim Knutson 642-6104 or JamesKnutson@BHSU.edu.

Images in various sizes will be for sale.