Jamie Richey, senior business administration major at Black Hills State University, completed an internship in London this summer that provided global experience and helped clarify her career aspirations and goals. Richey also made time to visit historic sites including the Tower Bridge in London.
An eight-week internship with an advertising agency in London has given Jamie Richey, senior business administration major from Wewela, the opportunity to gain global experience and helped her clarify her career aspirations and goals.

Richey, who was chosen as homecoming queen this fall, spent her summer participating in an internship program at WDAD Communications, a recruitment advertising agency in central London.

“Going into this internship, I knew that I wanted to work in advertising but had no idea what aspect of it I wanted to work in,” Richey says.

“This internship was exactly what I needed to crystallize my future career plans.  I would love a job in production or research.”
Richey credits Dr. Priscilla Romkema, dean of the College of Business and Technology, with assisting her in obtaining the overseas internship opportunity. During the internship, Richey worked on several individual projects and also collaborated with another intern on a project which encompassed the majority of the combined services of the agency. Research was one of her favorite aspects of the internship.

“We put together a business presentation that will help sell WDAD to new business customers. I spent one of those weeks working with the new business development aspect of the company,” Richey says. “Throughout my eight weeks, I was called upon to do research on everything from potential job fairs in the United Kingdom, to major newspapers in China, and even advertising on social networking websites and search engine optimization.”

She also spent time working on creative strategies, copywriting, and brainstorming potential ad ideas for clients.

Richey stayed in a flat (apartment) on the University College London Campus. She says she loved the atmosphere and added that people in London were very welcoming.

“I wasn't so much a fan of people driving on the other side (left) of the road....I cannot begin to tell you how many times I was about run over by a vehicle because I had looked the wrong way when crossing the street,” Richey says.

Richey, who grew up in a small community consisting of five people (Wewela, S.D.), says she knew the small town South Dakota atmosphere was nice, but wanted to try something different and recommends an overseas experience for other students.

“I have always loved traveling, so I figured why not travel and learn at the same time. I don't think students really realize all of the opportunities that are out there. You don't have to stay in the same town and follow in the footsteps of everyone else! Try something new and exciting,” Richey says.