In conjunction with the yearlong Quasquicentennial celebration at Black Hills State University, the University will be honoring “125 Accomplished Alumni” during a luncheon Friday, Sept. 19th, in the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center Gymnasium.  The luncheon and program will begin at 11:30 a.m.

“As the University celebrates its 125th anniversary, Accomplished Alumni who have achieved prominence and distinction in their careers have been selected to represent the thousands of alumni since our founding in 1883,” President Kay Schallenkamp says. “The Accomplished Alumni list includes graduates from each decade and is meant to show the breadth of the accomplishments of our alumni through the years and the vast range of professions. Please join us as we honor these alumni and celebrate 125 years of transforming lives.”

Schallenkamp noted that the 125th designation on the list was reserved for all BHSU alumni who day in and day out represent our university.

“We are proud of the powerful influence and accomplishments of all of our alumni with their ongoing contributions in their field or area of expertise. That’s why the 125th designation was reserved for all alumni,” Schallenkamp says.

The public is invited to attend the luncheon and program; the cost per person is $15.  Tickets may be purchased at the BHSU University Advancement Office, room 114 Woodburn Hall.

For more information about the 125 Accomplished Alumni Luncheon and other Quasquicentennial events visit our home page at www.BHSU.edu/Alumni or contact the University Advancement Office at 642-6385.

BHSU 125 Accomplished Alumni:

Louise Achenbach, Class of 1970    
Raymond Adel*,  Class of 1943        
Bob Albert, Class of 1976 
Linda Albert,  Class of 1982 
Zac Alcorn, Class of 2006 
Lowell Amiotte,  Class of 1964 
Keith Anderson,  Attended 
Gary Andersen,  Class of 1968
Sharon Andersen,  Class of 1967 
Linda Asheim,  Class of 1966 
Raj Bhathal,  Class of 1962 
Beth Benning,  Class of 1973 
Mike Berg,  Class of 1972 
Lionel Bordeaux,  Class of 1964 
Leslie Botos,  Class of 1970 
Gene Bovee,  Class of 1959 
Dave Buss,  Class of 1966 
Carol Byington,  Class of 1970 
Mona Chancellor,  Class of 1960 
Stephanie Rissler-Christopherson,  Class of 1995
Vi Cowden,  Class of 1936 
Jean Comerford*, Class of 1887 
Robert Cook,  Class of 1990 
Tony Chytka,  Class of 1977 
Sheryl Crofut,  Class of 1997 
Von Dahl,  Class of 1968 
Jesse Dana,  Class of 1997 
Bruce Davis,  Class of 1958 
Walter Dickey,  Class of 1915 
Dick Dubois,  Class of 1964 
Roland Dolly,  Class of 1977 
Priscilla Dressen,  Class of 1982 
Fred DuBray,  Class of 1990 
Jim Dunn,  Class of 1962 
Lloyd Eaton,  Class of 1940 
Terry Egge,  Class of 1961 
Charles Emery, Class of 1953 
Kathleen Engle,  Class of 1980 
Randal Evans,  Class of 1976 
Helen Fahrni,  Class of 1955 
Leonard Fahrni,  Class of 1955 
John Fidler,  Class of 1960 
Thomas Finn,  Class of 1966 
Maurice Fitzgerald,  Class of 1949 
Mike Foley,  Class of 1967 
Gregg Forsberg,  Class of 1969 
Orina Frost*,  Class of 1900 
Howard Fryett,  Class of 1959 
Tracy Gawan,  Class of 1990 
Hope Glenn,  Class of 1939 
Colleen Goldhammer,  Class of 1987 
Vera Gould*,  Class of 1928 
Seth Gudmunson,  Class of 2006 
Gordon Hanson,  Attended 
James Hansen,  Class of 1952 
Waldemar C. Hansen*,  Class of 1915 
Lyle Hare,  Class of 1907 
Millie Heidepriem,  Class of 1905 
Ida Henton*,  Class of 1913 
Paul Higbee,  Class of 1976 
VJ Hirsch,  Class of 1972 
Jim Hood,  Class of 1969 
Grace Huck,  Class of 1949 
Jeff Jacobs,  Attended 
John D. Johnson,  Class of 1970 
Kathryn Johnson,  Class of 1975 
Russell Jonas*,  Attended 
Kay Jorgensen,  Class of 1973 
Kari Jungclaus,  Class of 2000 
John Karinen,  Class of 1958 
Craig Katt,  Class of 1975 
Harvey Krautschun,  Class of 1972 
Robert Lahti,  Class of 1951 
Dick Lemm,  Class of 1969 
Russell Lewis,  Class of 1991 
Charles Linander,  Class of 1940 
Vincent Lombardi,  Class of 1971 
Marie Loveland,  Class of 1928 
Todd Lowery,  Class of 2000 
Lynn McCain*,  Class of 1892 
Douglas McCalla,  Class of 1969 
Ed McLaughlin,  Class of 1950 
Jennifer Mercer,  Class of 1997 
Sandy Michelena,  Class of 1960 
Randy Morris,  Class of 1974 
Gary Mule Deer,  Attended 
Joe Nelson*,  Class of 1927 
Bonnie Omdahl,  Class of 1979 
Dan Patterson,  Class of 2002 
Gary Pechota,  Class of 1971 
Tim Penton,  Class of 1980 
LT. Col. Lloyd Petersen,  Class of 1940 
Jay Pyle*,  Class of 1889 
Terry Ree,  Attended 
Lorri Riley,  Class of 1987 
Paul Roach,  Class of 1952 
Dick Roach,  Class of 1958 
Clint Roberts,  Attended 
Ryan Robinson,  Class of 1993 
Sharon Robison,  Class of 1959 
Richard Sattgast,  Class of 1994 
Gregory Schopen,  Class of 1970 
Michael Shann,  Class of 1970 
Wayne Snoozy,  Class of 1963 
Troy Stende,  Class of 1997 
Michael Sullivan,  Class of 1969 
Roger Tellinghuisen, Class of 1975 
Dick Termes,  Class of 1964 
Ronald (McNeil) His Horse is Thunder,  Class of 1985 
James Toohey,  Class of 1964 
Alvin Underhill*,  Class of 1927
Kenneth Usiak,  Class of 1970 
David Velte,  Attended 
Steve Vopat,  Class of 1982 
Dave Weiss,  Class of 1979 
Dee Welsch,  Class of 1982 
Nancy Wetherill,  Class of 1977
Kevin Whalen,  Class of 1977
Bruce Williams,  Attended 
Richard Williams,  Class of 1930 
Thomas Williams,  Class of 1975 
Roy Wilson,  Class of 1986 
Bob Worth,  Class of 1974 
Don Young,  Class of 1940

Number 125 - All other alumni from 1883-2008 who have made significant contributions in their field or area of expertise.

*Unable to locate a living relative. If you have any information please contact Tom Wheaton at(605) 642-6385 orTomWheaton@BHSU.edu.