Dr. David Cremean, professor of English and Humanities at Black Hills State University, recently attended the Annual American Literature Association (ALA) in San Francisco.

Cremean, along with only five other members from the society, was selected by Cormac McCarthy Society President, Dianne Luce, to serve on a roundtable panel “The (Un)changing Face of Cormac McCarthy’s Career.”

Given McCarthy’s commonly accepted status as one of the greatest living authors the panel primarily discussed McCarthy’s novel No Country for Old Men and the Academy Award winning film of the same title. The group focused on how each of these works, along with McCarthy’s winning the Pulitzer Prize for The Road, which was promptly linked with who McCarthy has been and what he has done, as well as discussions on departures and changes both personal and artistic.

Cremean will serve as President of the Western Literature Association and bring its annual conference to Spearfish next year.