Black Hills State University assistant professors Dr. Laura Colmenero-Chilberg and Dr. Pamela Carriveau and senior sociology major Anastacia Schulhoff recently attended and presented research at the 2008 Midwest Sociological Society meeting in St. Louis.

Colmenero-Chilberg and Carriveau collaborated on research that was presented at the conference, titled “Reframing the Social Policy Debate:  South Dakota as the Abortion Battlefield.” Their research analyzed the abortion debate within the state of South Dakota as it applies to elections and popular support.

Schulhoff presented “Wired Truth: A Sense of Control in The Symbolic Interaction Exchange of Socially Constructed Realties,” which analyzed the way interaction and levels of control of information have changed in the electronic media. The presentation was based on research Schulhoff conducted with the support of an award from the BHSU College of Arts and Sciences.

Colmenero-Chilberg received her PhD in Sociology from South Dakota State University. She has been teaching at BHSU since 2005.

Carriveau received her PhD from Purdue University. She has been a member of the BHSU faculty since 2004.