Nearly 384 candidates for graduation participated in the recent 155th commencement ceremony at Black Hills State University.

Graduates are listed by hometown or current residence. Degrees are indicated by the following – MS, master of science; BA, bachelor of arts; BATS, bachelor of applied technical science; BS, bachelor of science; BSED, bachelor of science in education; AA, associate of arts; AS, associate of science.

Bachelor degree candidates who graduated with honors are noted by the following designations: cum laude (cum), grade point average of 3.5 to 3.699; magna cum laude (magna), gpa of 3.7 to 3.899; and summa cum laude (summa), gpa of 3.9 or higher.

Associate degree candidates who graduated with honors are noted by the following designations: with honor, grade point average of 3.5 to 3.699; with high honor, gpa of 3.7 to 3.899; and with highest honor, gpa of 3.9 or higher.

Abelseth, Kari; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Ackerman, Callie; MS; Integrative Genomics; Hulett, WY
Addison, Tanya; BSED; Biology;  Rapid City, SD
Aliberti, Linda; AS; Paraprofessional Education; Rapid City, SD
Aline, Kelley; BS; Psychology; Political Science; Spearfish, SD
Anderson, Katie; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Apodaca, Teigan; BS; Psychology; Gillette, WY
Arsaga, Tara; BS; Mass Communications; Ipswich, SD
Aschwege, Tamara; BS; Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Ashmore, Alyssa; BS; Wellness Management; Spearfish, SD
Asplund, Natasha; AA; General Studies; Rapid City, SD
Avent, Zackery; BS; Wellness Management; Rock Springs, WY
Baghelai, Dordaneh; MS; Business Services Management; Villa Park, IL
Bakley, Amanda; BS; Speech Communications; Tuthill, SD
Barker, Chad; AA; General Studies; Belle Fourche, SD
Bartell, Tyler; BSED; Physical Education; Moorcroft, WY
Bartscher, Kelli; BSED; Elementary Education; Spearfish, SD
Bastian, Eric; BS; Business Administration-Management; Henry, SD
Batie, Rex; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mc Laughlin, SD
Baum, Michael; BSED; Art; Spearfish, SD
Beaverson, Kriste; AA; General Studies; Rapid City, SD
Begley, Rhonda; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Sioux Falls, SD
Bell, Zachariah; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Deadwood, SD
Benz, Carly; BS; Wellness Management; Berthoud, CO
Berens, Jessica; BSED; Elementary Education; Special Education; Chancellor, SD
Berg, John; BS; Art;  Rapid City, SD
Bernard, Tiffany; BS; Sociology; Rapid City, SD
Bialorucki, Lucas; BS; Business Administration-Marketing; Whitewood, SD
Biggerstaff, Stacie; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mitchell, SD
Birdsall, Danielle; AA; General Studies; Onida, SD
Birkley, Curtis; BS; Wellness Management; Belle Fourche, SD
Blasczyk, Alyssa; BSED; Magna Cum Laude; Elementary Education; Early Childhood/Special Education; Special Education; Caputa, SD
Bosma, Christopher; BS; Business Administration-Marketing; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Bottum, Kelly; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mitchell, SD
Bowen, Jennifer; AA; General Studies; Belle Fourche, SD
Braun, Mark; BSED; Elementary Education; Gregory, SD
Bridges, Jennifer; BS; Human Services; Spearfish, SD
Brossart, Catrina; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Lead, SD
Bryan, Sharon; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; White River, SD
Buechler, Callie; BSED; Elementary Education; Pierre, SD
Burr, Amy; BS; Composite Music; Sheridan, WY
Buthe, Lindsey; BS; Cum Laude; Biology; Chancellor, SD
Butt, Jessie; BS; History; Waupaca, WI
Byrd, Karen; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Kadoka, SD
Casados, Danielle; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Spearfish, SD
Chalberg, Erin; BSED; Elementary Education; Rapid City, SD
Chuplis, Michelle; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Faith, SD
Claymore, Faith; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mc Laughlin, SD
Cleland, Leah; BS; Mass Communications; Oacoma, SD
Cline, Christine; BS; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Coffing, Gregory; BS; Psychology; Rapid City, SD
Coles, Rose; BS; Psychology; Spearfish, SD
Colglazier, Sidney; BS; Wellness Management; Benson, AZ
Colprit, Jennifer; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Custer, SD
Cook, Amy; BSED; Elementary Education; Early Childhood/Special Education; Special Education; Black Hawk, SD
Cooper, Heather; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Custer, SD
Cowley, Kristine; BS; Business Administration-Management; Box Elder, SD
Cox, Janie; BSED; Elementary Education; Gillette, WY
Coyle, Anne; BA; Composite English; Belle Fourche, SD
Crago, Russell; BS; Mass Communications; Spearfish, SD
Crawford, Brandyn; BSED; Composite Social Science; Rapid City, SD
Crosby, Leonard; BA; Honors Program Graduate; English; Hot Springs, SD
Crowe, Jamie; BS; Mass Communications; Communication Arts; Black Hawk, SD
Culverhouse, Janis; AA; General Studies; Caputa, SD
Dailey, Molly; BSED; Vocal Music; Rapid City, SD
Daiss, Amy; BA; Composite Music; Spearfish, SD
Dalton, Sandra; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Black Hawk, SD
Davidson, Zachary; BS; Mass Communications; Sheridan, WY
Denning, Tristin; BS; Biology ; Sioux Falls, SD
Deutsch, Amber; AA; General Studies; Sioux Falls, SD
Dilts, Billie Jo; BS; Human Services; Custer, SD
Dojcinovic, Snjezana; BS; Business Administration-Management; Spearfish, SD
Domagall, William; BS; Biology; Outdoor Education; Rapid City, SD
Donahue, Stefanie; BSED; Special Education; Rapid City, SD
Donlon, Jeremy; BS; Psychology; Spearfish, SD
Donner, Nicole; BS; History; Rapid City, SD
Doolan, Corey; BS; Cum Laude; Human Services; Ogden, UT
Dougherty, Kim;  MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Chamberlain, SD
Dunn, Amanda; BS; Mathematics; Spearfish, SD
Dunn, Karissa; BSED; Cum Laude; Elementary Education; Sturgis, SD
Dusek, Melissa; BS; Cum Laude; Human Services; Rapid City, SD
Duvall, Carol; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Spearfish, SD
Eddy, Megan; BS; Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies; Business Administration-Management; Mitchell, SD
Eisenbraun, Mark; BS; Social Science; Rapid City, SD
Elliott, Amber; BS; Speech Communications; Rapid City, SD
Erikson, Beth; BSED; Elementary Education; Vivian, SD
Escoffier, Amanda; AA; General Studies; Camp Verde, AZ
Even, Janell; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Pierre, SD
Falk, Victoria; BS; Business Administration-Management; Pierre, SD
Farnsworth, Desiree; BSED; Elementary Education; Moorcroft, WY
Ferguson, Kyle, BS, Military Commission; Magna Cum Laude; Chemistry; Laramie, WY
Fernau, Karla; BS; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Fiorello, Lindsey; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Spearfish, SD
Flaman, Kimberly; BS; Wellness Management; "Regina,
Foster, Lindsey; BS; Summa Cum Laude; Psychology; Human Services; Sociology;  Winner, SD
Foster, Megan; BS; Business Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Mgt.; Rapid City, SD
Foster, Brandee; BSED; Elementary Education; Gillette, WY
Foster, Lindsey; BSED; Cum Laude; Spanish; Winner, SD
Franzen, Michelle; BSED; Elementary Education; Gillette, WY
Fuchs, Jeanene; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Martin, SD
Gales-Loyd, Katherine; BS; Cum Laude; History; Belle Fourche, SD
Gall, Yvonne; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Tripp, SD
Garvin, Rebecca; BS; History;  Spearfish, SD
Gebhart, Tiffanie; BS; Business Administration-Marketing;  Lemmon, SD
Geck, Brandon; BS; English;  Spearfish, SD
Gibbs, Alicia; BS; Biology;  Fallon, MT
Gillespie, Tanya; AS; Paraprofessional Education; Rapid City, SD
Giroux, Margeau; BS; Sociology; Human Services; Box Elder, SD
Glass, Fawn; AS; Paraprofessional Education; Rapid City, SD
Glassner, Nicholaus; AA; General Studies; Box Elder, SD
Glodt, Gregory; BS; Composite Music; Sturgis, SD
Goeden, Alyssa; BS; Communication Arts; Rapid City, SD
Goetz, Galen; BS; History;  Spearfish, SD
Goodrich, Michael; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Rapid City, SD
Gould, Sarah; BS; Biology;  Spearfish, SD
Gray, Robyn; BS; Wellness Management; Rozet, WY
Greene, Erin; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Grosz, Brett, BS; Business Administration-Management; Business Administration-Marketing; Rapid City ,SD
Grueb, Clayton; BS; Political Science; Black Hawk, SD
Grueb, Travis; BSED; Physical Education; Faith, SD
Hagen, Nicole; BS; Business Administration-Management; South Shore, SD
Harrison, Debra; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Moorcroft, WY
Hartwell, James; BS; Composite Technology; Mc Intosh, SD
Hatter, Wyatt; BS; Biology; Chemistry; Sidney, MT
Haughian, Daniel; BS; Wellness Management; Miles City, MT
Haughian, Lacey; BS; Wellness Management; Terry, MT
Heaton, Holly; BSED; Magna Cum Laude; Composite Science; North Sioux City, SD
Helmer, Courtney; BSED; Cum Laude; Elementary Education Moorcroft, WY
Hersrud, Samantha; MS; Integrative Genomics; Sturgis, SD
Hillman, Jenna; BS; Mass Communications; Mitchell, SD
Hilton, Taylor; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Speech Communications; Rapid City, SD
Hoard, Aubrey; BS; Business Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Mgt.; Spearfish, SD
Hoffman, Jayne; BS; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Holmes, James; BS; History;  Belle Fourche, SD
Holtgard, Kellie; BSED; Elementary Education; Bison, SD
Holum, Lindsay; BS; Cum Laude; Business Administration-Marketing; Business Administration-Management; Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies; Gillette, WY
Holzer, Jodi; BS; Cum Laude; History; Deadwood, SD
Honeyman, Eric; BSED; Elementary Education; Hettinger, ND
Hoy, Christopher; BS; Composite Technology; Belle Fourche, SD
Hudson, Ethan; BS; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Hurtig, Caitlin; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Rapid City, SD
In the Woods, Bernita; BS; Sociology;  Eagle Butte, SD
Jacobs, Rodney; BS; American Indian Studies; Spearfish, SD
Jagt, Cassandra; BS; Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies; Business Administration-Management; Nederland, CO
Jakes-Swett, Cindy; BS; Human Services; Black Hawk, SD
Jandreau, Amber; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Jangula, Brandi; BS; Business Administration-Marketing; Rapid City, SD
Jardee, Nita; BSED; Physical Education; Spearfish, SD
Jastorff, Nicolas; BSED; Elementary Education; Special Education; Spearfish, SD
Johnson, Cory; AA; General Studies; Hutchinson, MN
Johnson, Rebecca; AA; General Studies; Rapid City, SD
Johnson, Tamara; BS; Speech Communications; Sioux Falls, SD
Johnson, Timothy; BS; Psychology; Hill City, SD
Johnson, Tye; BS; Social Science; Sociology; Pierre, SD
Johnson, Katie; BSED; Elementary Education; Rapid City, SD
Jordan, Dustin; BSED; History;  Sturgis, SD
Juel, Jody; BSED; Elementary Education; Spearfish, SD
Kaitfors, Tyler; BS; Wellness Management; Whitewood, SD
Kampman, Debra; BSED; Cum Laude; Early Childhood/Special Education; Billings, MT
Kath, Chandra; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Junction City, KS
Kennedy, Stephanie; BS; Professional Accountancy; Bennett, CO
Kertzman, Deann; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Kerwin, Janet; AS; Drafting Technology; Spearfish, SD
Key, Kami; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Caspe,r WY
Kiley, Joseph; BS; Composite Technology; Spearfish, SD
Kilian, Brooke; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Deadwood, SD
Kim, Sang Won; BS; Wellness Management; Fremont, CA
Kindsfater, Katherine; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Belle Fourche, SD
Kinsley, Teri; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Murdo, SD
Kirchoff, Beth; BS; Business Administration-Management; Business Administration-Marketing; Gillette, WY
Kirk, Kelly; BA; Honors Program Graduate; Summa Cum Laude; History;  Beulah, ND
Klipfel, Brittney; BSED; Elementary Education; Forbes, ND
Kowalski, Kristin Bailey; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Kriebel, Jacqueline; BS; Composite Music; Rapid City, SD
Krumpus, Stacy; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Kundel, Kenneth; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Kurle, John; BS; Cum Laude; Wellness Management;  Rapid City, SD
Larsen, Travis; BS; Composite Technology; Gillette, WY
Larson, Christina; BS; Wellness Management; Rapid City, SD
Larson, Christopher; BS; Mass Communications; Rapid City, SD
Lawler, Katie; BS; Psychology; Box Elder, SD
Lerdal, Drew; AA; General Studies; Rapid City, SD
Lesselyoung, Tara; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Redfield, SD
Lewis, Thereasa; BA; History;  Spearfish, SD
Lo Presti, Diana; BS; Wellness Management; Red Lodge, MT
Long, Tyg; BS; Wellness Management; Spearfish, SD
Ludeman, Wade; BS; Wellness Management; Sundance, WY
Luikart, Scott; BS; Speech Communications; Custer, SD
Lunde, Nathan; BS; Military Commission; Political Science; Hartford, SD
Lyda, Janet; BS; Sociology; Rapid City ,SD
Maher, Daniel; BS; Mass Communications; Rapid City; SD
Mahlen, Jennifer; BSED; Magna Cum Laude; Elementary Education; Special Education; Spanish; Rapid City, SD
Malott, Seth; AA; General Studies; Rapid City, SD
Mark, Jonathan; BS; Psychology; Lander, WY
Marko, Tammy; BS; Psychology; Spearfish, SD
Mayer, Mindi; BS; Wellness Management; Spearfish, SD
McCormick, Conni; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mitchell, SD
McGlone, Lindsey; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Rapid City, SD
McReynolds, Gerald; BS; History; Rapid City, SD
Medhaug, Craig; BS; History;  Sioux Falls, SD
Meisner, Sarah; BSED; Early Childhood/Special Education; Sundance, WY
Melling, Erin; BS; Cum Laude; History; Political Science; Belle Fourche, SD
Melton, Noel; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Wellness Management; Medicine Lake, MT
Mettler, Raeann; MS; Integrative Genomics; Spearfish, SD
Miller, Lisa; AS; Paraprofessional Education; Camben, DE
Miller, Faye; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Hot Springs, SD
Miller, Garret; BS; Business Administration-Management; Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies; Scranton, ND
Morris, Erica; BS; Cum Laude; Mass Communications; Speech Communications; Spearfish, SD
Mort, Chelsey; BSED; Magna Cum Laude; Special Education; Elementary Education; Rapid City, SD
Murray, Jennifer; BS; Cum Laude; Mass Communications; Rapid City, SD
Naasz, Nicole; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mobridge, SD
Napier, Jacey; BSED; Elementary Education; Rapid City, SD
Nayigihugu, Parfait; BS; Business Administration-Management; Business Administration-Marketing; Laramie, WY
Nedrebo, Jennifer; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Pierre, SD
Nekuda, Michael; BSED; Physical Education; Hot Springs, SD
Nelson, Rachel; BS; History; Burbank, SD
Nelson, Derek; BSED; Physical Education; Rock Springs, WY
Nettleton, Jana; BS; Summa Cum Laude; Speech Communications; Piedmont, SD
Newman, Trisha; BS; Sociology;  Rapid City, SD
Nighbert Sichterman, Danielle; BSED; Middle School; Piedmont, SD
Noble,Carrie; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Mass Communications; Rapid City, SD
Nordbye, Jacob; BS; Mass Communications; Rapid City, SD
O'Bryan, Dana; BS; History;  Colome, SD
Oerlline, Amber; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Ohrtman, Valerie; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Long Valley, SD
O'Keeffe, Michelle; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Fairchild Air Force, WA
Olsen, Natalie; BS; Wellness Management; Rapid City, SD
Olson, Kelly; BS; Cum Laude; Psychology; Lead, SD
Osborne, Erik; BS; History; Fort Collins, CO
Otto, Sam; BS; History;  Belle Fourche, SD
Ouellette, Cody; BS; English; Rapid City, SD
Oviatt, Cara; BS; Business Administration-Management; Spearfish, SD
Palmer, Hilary; BS; Art;  Spearfish, SD
Parsons, Kayla; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Business Administration-Management; Business Administration-Human Resource Mgt.; Milesville, SD
Paschke, Amber; BS; Business Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Mgt.; Rapid City, SD
Peetz, Travis; BS; Wellness Management; Scottsbluff, NE
Pelowski, Bill; BS; Political Science; Rapid City, SD
Petersen, Kenneth; BS; Business Administration-Marketing; Rapid City, SD
Pfeiffer, Tracy; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Phillips, Amanda; BS; Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies; Business Administration-Human Resource Mgt.; Newcastle, WY
Phillips, Julia; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Sturgis, SD
Plummer, Angelena; AS; Paraprofessional Education; Vermillion, SD
Potts, Martina; AA; General Studies; Ellsworth, SD
Pownall, Skyler; BS; Business Administration-Human Resource Mgt.; Gillette, WY
Prellwitz, Elaine; BS; Business Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Mgt.; Mc Cook, NE
Puffer, Angela; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Rapid City, SD
Quinonez, Melita; BS; Speech Communications; Spearfish, SD
Radigan, Brandie; BS; Biology;  Spearfish, SD
Rankin, Pamela; BS; Business Administration-Marketing; Rapid City, SD
Rath, Alicia; BSED; Elementary Education; Special Education; Spearfish, SD
Rathert, Sherri; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Red Bow, Buddy; BSED; Physical Education; Rapid City, SD
Reeves, Cara; BSED; Elementary Education; Sheridan, WY
Rehorst, Kristy; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Alexandria, SD
Reindl, Leanne; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Rapid City, SD
Rendon, Sharon; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Rhodes, Jerry; BSED; Physical Education; Philip, SD
Rhodes, Lexie; BSED; Elementary Education; Special Education; Philip, SD
Richardson, Cassandra; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Belle Fourche, SD
Riggs, Katherine; BSED; Cum Laude; Elementary Education; Special Education; Rapid City, SD
Ringstad, Beshka; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Human Services; Sociology; Spearfish, SD
Riordan, Marylou; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rockville, MD
Ripp, Donna; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Dimock, SD
Ripple, Amanda; BS; Human Services; Rapid City, SD
Riter, Amy; BS; Business Administration-Accounting; Rapid City, SD
Roadifer, Joshua; BS; Outdoor Education; Spearfish, SD
Robinson, Rachel; AA; General Studies; Rapid City, SD
Rogers, Erin; BS; Psychology; Sociology; Belle Fourche, SD
Ronke, Jesse; BS; Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies; Belle Fourche, SD
Roosa, Adam; BS; Mass Communications; Gillette, WY
Ruff, Tami; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Sturgis, SD
Sanders, Alexandra; BS; Psychology; Human Services; Lafayette, CO
Sanders, Garland; BS; Wellness Management; Newport Beach, CA
Santi, Brandin; BS; Psychology; Pueblo, CO
Sauber, Kayla; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Stanley, ND
Schaefer, Scott; BS; Mass Communications; Sioux Falls, SD
Schaller, Peter; BATS; General Supervision; Rapid City, SD
Schiefelbein, Scott; BSED; Industrial Technology; Clear Lake, SD
Schmeltzer, Glen; BS; Business Administration-Management; Spearfish, SD
Schmit, Roxy; MS; Business Services Management; Spearfish, SD
Schneider, Shad; BS; Wellness Management; Gillette, WY
Schuetzle, Kassi; BSED; Elementary Education; Spearfish, SD
Schulhoff, Anastacia; BS; Sociology; Human Services; Rapid City, SD
Schulte, Jessica; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Mass Communications; Brookings, SD
Schultz, Michael; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Gillette, WY
Schumacher, Blake; BS; Human Services; Sociology; Hot Springs, SD
Schumacher, Jacqueline; BS; Mass Communications; Rapid City, SD
Schwader, Melissa; BS; Business Administration-Management,
  Business Administration-Accounting; Rapid City, SD
Schweitzer, Shannon; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Fort Pierre, SD
Scott, Amand; BS; Honors Program Graduate; Magna Cum Laude; Composite Music; Spearfish, SD
Seidel, Justin; BS; Environmental Physical Science; Spearfish, SD
Selken, Alexis; BS; Biology; Spearfish; SD
Selland, Kari; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Chamberlain, SD
Severns, Kathryn; BS; Cum Laude; Composite Music; Speech Communications; Rapid City, SD
Sharpe, Samantha; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Biology; Ellsworth AFB ,SD
Shave, Jessica; BSED; Elementary Education; Rapid City, SD
Shaw, Catherine; BS; Human Services; Rapid City, SD
Shirley, Paul; BS; Sociology; Human Services; Deadwood, SD
Shuck, Laura; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Spearfish, SD
Simpson, James; BS; Professional Accountancy; Lander, WY
Simpson, Amy; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Tyndall, SD
Slack, Brandon; BS; Business Administration-Marketing; Rapid City, SD
Smith, Danna; BS; Cum Laude;  Wellness Management;Spearfish, SD
Smith, Michael; BS; Sociology; Spearfish, SD
Spreizer, Albin; BS; Summa Cum Laude; Composite Music; Rapid City, SD
Sprenger, Jesse; BS; English;  Rapid City, SD
Staedtler, Michael; BSED; Elementary Education; Rapid City, SD
Stahlecker, Cara; BS; Mass Communications; Yankton, SD
Statler, Crystal; BS; American Indian Studies; Sociology; St. Onge, SD
Sternhagen, Debbie; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Tyndall, SD
Stiehl, Cassandra; BS; Psychology; Rapid City, SD
Stone, Stacey; BS; Psychology; Spearfish, SD
Storbeck, Kala; BS; Business Administration-Human Resource Mgt.; Spearfish, SD
Storms, Emily; BSED; Cum Laude; Elementary Education; Special Education; Rapid City, SD
Strauss, Kira; BS; Sociology;  Rapid City, SD
Sutliff, Patrick; BS; History; Rapid City, SD
Sutliff, Amanda; BSED; Cum Laude; Elementary Education; Rapid City, SD
Swanson, Michael; BS; Psychology; Rapid City, SD
Tenold, Laura; BS; History; Reva, SD
Tetrault, Tanner; BS; Wellness Management; Saint Onge, SD
Thaler, Terry; AA; General Studies; Black Hawk, SD
Thaler, Terry; AS; Paraprofessional Education; Black Hawk, SD
Thunker, Angie; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mc Laughlin, SD
Tingley, Holly; BS; Business Administration-Health Services Administration; Spearfish, SD
Tollefsrud, Erik; BS; Business Administration-Marketing; Rapid City, SD
Tomac, Roberta; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Tounsley, Dustin; BS; Business Administration-Management; Spearfish, SD
Tree, Amy; BSED; Elementary Education; Ellsworth AFB, SD
Triplett, Craig; BS; Cum Laude; Wellness Management; Spearfish, SD
Turner, Emilee; BS; Business Administration-Marketing; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Tveit, Kristi; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Fort Pierre, SD
Tweedy, Amber; BS; Wellness Management; Spearfish, SD
Two Crow, Melissa; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Sturgis, SD
Ullrich, Matthew; BS; Psychology; Sociology; Gillette, WY
Unruh, Barbara; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Onida, SD
Urinko, Natasha; BS; Business Administration-Management; Spearfish, SD
Usera, Julio; AA; General Studies; Rapid City, SD
Vandersnick, Terri; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Pierre, SD
Vandever, Joanna; BS; Honors Program Graduate; Summa Cum Laude; Psychology; Spearfish, SD
VanSickle, Danielle; BSED; Special Education; Spearfish, SD
Vasquez, Kelly; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Vega, Samantha; BS; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Venner, Summer; BS; Cum Laude; Mass Communications; Pierre, SD
Vergara, Dominick; BSED; Physical Education; Spearfish, SD
VerSteeg, Catherine; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mitchell, SD
VerSteeg, Patricia; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Mitchell, SD
Vick, Deborah; BS; Mass Communications; Rapid City, SD
Volk, Laci; BSED; Cum Laude; Elementary Education; Box Elder, SD
Volmer, Zane; BS; Business Administration-Management; Rapid City, SD
Voss, Melissa; BSED; Elementary Education; Lead, SD
Voth, Michelle; BS; Cum Laude; Business Administration-Management ; Box Elder, SD
Vytlacil, Ian; BS; Speech Communications; Mass Communications; Box Elder, SD
Wake, Chelsea; BS; Psychology; Worland, WY
Walling, Charlotte; BSED; Mathematics; Rapid City, SD
Waln, Laney; BSED; Elementary Education; Belvidere, SD
Watkins, Jenna; BSED; Cum Laude; Elementary Education; Special Education; Rapid City, SD
Watson, Christina; BSED; Elementary Education; Rapid City, SD
Weier, Randy; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Tyndall, SD
Weitzel, Jennifer; BS; Human Services; Cheyenne, WY
West, Austin; BS; Speech Communications; Colusa, CA
Whitlock, Justin; BSED; Physical Education; Spearfish, SD
Wick, Bryce; BS; Business Administration-Management;  Rapid City, SD
Wiegand, James; BS; Speech Communications; Rapid City, SD
Willar, Christina; BS; Business Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Mgt.; Rapid City, SD
Wilson, Joshua; BSED; Elementary Education; Spearfish, SD
Wilson (Red Day Holland), Deborah; BS; Cum Laude; American Indian Studies; Spearfish, SD
Winfield, Stacia; BS; Biology;  Hill City, SD
Winter, Gail; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Martin, SD
Wise, Michele; BS; Business Administration-Management, Piedmont, SD
Wold, Carin; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD
Wolkenhauer, Donald; BS; Magna Cum Laude; Business Administration-Management; Sturgis, SD
Woolridge, Nicole; BA; Mass Communications; Spanish; Huron, SD
Wulf, Ward; AA; General Studies; Owanka, SD
Yarber, Christina; BS; Psychology; Rock Springs, WY
Zechiel, Stephanie; MS; Curriculum & Instruction; Rapid City, SD