Tucson, Arizona – The Black Hills State University Yellow Jacket Softball team start their season off at the Tucson Invitational Tournament. The Yellow Jackets thought that if they went far enough south they wouldn’t have to deal with weather, but on their first days in Tucson had weather delays.

The Yellow Jackets started the tournament strong with sophomore Katie Wagner picking up the first win of the season for the Jackets as she was credited with the win and finished the contest with three strike outs, zero earned runs and only one hit. The Jackets also had a solid day hitting the ball as well senior Krista Norte was two of three with two singles and two RBI’s. Junior Krista Glieforst was also two for three with one single and four RBI’s.

The Yellow Jackets beat College of Saint Mary 13-1, lost to Iowa Wesleyan 14-8 and finished the day with a victory over Calumet College of Saint Joseph 15-3. "I'm very proud of the way the girls played today. We had great performances from our returning players and they lead our team.” Said Head Coach Amy Gurney, “After the loss to Iowa Wesleyan, it took a lot of determination to show the caliber ball club that they are, and they really proved a point."

The Yellow Jackets picked up two more wins on the second day of the tournament as they defeated Northwestern 4-3 and Peru State College with a final score of 5-1. The winning pitchers are freshmen Alex Huntington, and sophomore Katie Wagner picks up the win against Peru State College.

The Yellow Jackets had seven hits against Calumet College of Saint Joesph including a two run home-run from senior Karissa Norte to put the Jackets up 4-3. Against Peru College junior Ashley Berg finished the contest two of four and junior Krista Glieforst batted three runners in.

The Yellow Jackets continue tournament play until Saturday evening, and will return back to South Dakota on Sunday.

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