Breanna Janovy, has recently signed a letter of intent to play college basketball for Black Hills State University beginning in the fall of 2009.  Breanna is currently a senior at Sturgis High School.  During her four years in high school she has participated in basketball, volleyball and track.  Breanna not only excels on the court but also does a great job in the classroom.  Breanna averaged 8 points and 8 rebounds this season for Sturgis.

“We are extremely excited about the addition of local talent Breanna Janovy to our team.  She has tremendous hands and is a good athlete at 6’4.  She has been a late bloomer for Sturgis High School and Coach Fridel.  She didn’t start playing basketball until her freshman year of High School.  We feel that Breanna and the Sturgis Staff did a great job with her development,” said Head Coach Mark Nore. 

“As a sophomore and junior she would attend our camps in the summer.  We had a chance to work with Breanna at a young age and know her as an individual.  She is an amazing kid but awkward on the basketball floor at the time.  In one year’s time, Breanna has made the biggest transformation with her game that I have seen anyone make.   I believe the key for her success is her passion to get better and learn.  She is like a sponge, always willing and eager to learn.  She did a wonderful job this season for Sturgis High School.  She seemed to play with more confidence and get better every game.  We feel that Breanna is going to continue to get better as a basketball player.  As she gains strength, condition, confidence, and adjusts to the college game it’s hard to say how good she can be.    She has a tremendous upside to her game.  We are excited about the opportunity to coach Breanna,” added Coach Nore.

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