K-12 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement Requirements

ARSD 24:15:06:39. 
A K-12 mathematics specialist shall require the following:

  1. Advanced certification;
  2. Three years of experience teaching mathematics in a K-12 setting;
  3. A demonstrated understanding of:
    1. K-12 mathematical concepts, process standards, and pedagogical content knowledge at the depth required for
      effective teaching;
    2. The process of learning mathematics through inquiry;
    3. The historical development of mathematical ideas;
    4. Connections of concepts across grade levels and connections to other disciplines;
    5. Current issues in mathematics education reform (e.g. measurement of student achievement, legislation, state and
      national standards); and
  4. The study of and actual or simulated experience in the following areas:
    1. Use of mathematics education research to facilitate learning among all students;
    2. Evaluation of student understanding through observation, written assessments, and student questioning;
    3. Use of manipulatives and technology across all strands of mathematical content to build student understanding;
    4. Use of multiple pedagogical approaches and awareness of potential benefits, challenges, and research base of each;
    5. Instructional leadership to support the professional growth of other teachers and to provide guidance for parents, administrators, and the broader community.

PRAXIS Exam requirements & Study Guide: None
Successful Completion of MSCI Program in Mathematics Education

Course Prefix/# BHSU Program Course Title Credits
ED 630 Educational collaboration & Research Methods 3
ED 744 Curriculum Development & Instruction 3
ED 748 Cultural Diversity in Schools 3
ED 750 Action Research in Schools 3
ED 790 Seminar 1-6
ED 601 Foundations & Issues of Mathematics Education 2
ED 611 Algebraic Reasoning: Mathematics Content for K-12 Educators 2
ED 621 Geometry & Measurement: Mathematics Content for K-12 Educators 2
ED 641 Understanding Student Thinking in Numbers & Operations 2
ED 651 Understanding Student Thinking in Algebra 2
ED 661 Understanding Student Thinking in Geometry/Measurement 2
ED 671 Assessment for School Mathematics 2
ED 695 Practicum 1-3
ED 703 Applying Learning Theory to Instructional Design 3
ED 741 Historical Development of Mathematical Concepts 2
ED 754 Leadership in Schools 1-3


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