Computer Teaching Endorsement Requirements

A K-12 educational technology teacher endorsement requires an educational technology methodology course in addition to 12 semester hours of coursework as follows:

  1. Demonstrated knowledge of basic computer technologies and networking concepts, terminology tools, and applications;
  2. Study of designing, operating, and maintaining computer technologies and networking systems;
  3. Development of skills with current productivity and multimedia tools for education;
  4. Demonstrated competencies with integrating educational technology to support teaching and learning; and
  5. Study of equity and ethics associated with the use of educational technology in schools.

Study in the developmental characteristics of K-12 learners and a practicum, internship, or student teaching inclusive of K-12 learners is required in addition to the 12 hours, if not previously completed. Verified teaching experience in K-12 educational technology within the five-year period immediately preceding application may be accepted in lieu of the above field experiences at the equivalency of one year’s teaching experience for one semester hour credit for a maximum of three semester hours of the total credit hours required. No state test is required or available to validate this endorsement.

PRAXIS Exam requirements: None.

Course Prefix/# BHSU Program Course Title Credits
ED 624 Computer Applications in K-12 Curriculum 3
ED 6423 Methods of Instructional Technology 3
ED 703 Applying Learning Theory to Instructional Design 3
ED 727 Technology in Education: Maintaining Equity & Ethics 3
ED 728 New & Emerging Technology for Schools 3


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