7-12 Business Endorsement Requirements

ARSD 24:15:06:11.
A 7-12 business education endorsement requires 18 semester hours in business, with at least six in upper division coursework, to include methodology, accounting, business law, career development, communications, computation, economics and personal finance, entrepreneurship education, information systems, international business, management, marketing and interrelationships of business functions, national policies, ethics and political thinking, office technology, and a business-related occupational work-based practicum. The endorsement may also be added by the passage of the designated state test without the verification of coursework.

  1. Teacher certification and one year of general classroom teaching, or special education paraprofessional experience, or special education certification and one year of special education teaching experience;
  2. The passage of the state special education teacher licensing examination; and
  3. A minimum of a three semester-hour special education practicum under the supervision of a certified special education
    teacher and university supervisor at each level of endorsement.

A K-12 special education endorsement requires a minimum of 27 semester credits with a minimum of 24 in special education. The credits in special education shall include vocational transition and a special education practicum of two semester hours at the elementary level and two semester hours at the secondary level. The candidate must demonstrate through coursework knowledge and skills at the K-12 endorsement level to meet the Council of Exceptional Children's performance-based standards covering: foundations, development and characteristics of learners, individual learning differences, instructional strategies, learning environments and social interactions, communication, instructional planning, assessment, professional and ethical practice, and collaboration.

PRAXIS Exam requirements & PRAXIS Study Guide: #0101

Course Prefix/# BHSU Program Course Title Credits
ACCT 210 Principles of Accounting 3
BADM 101 Survey of Business 3
BADM 350
BADM 351 (ONE of these)
Legal Environment of Business
Business Law
BADM 360 Organization & Management 3
BADM 370 Marketing 3
BADM 494 Internship 1
BED 480 7-12 Business Education Methods 3


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