Many of you have probably visited Yellowstone National Park this summer or have visited the park in the past. When you visit Yellowstone, you eventually find yourself standing with crowds to see the eruption of the world’s most famous geyser: Old Faithful. As you stand there watching this natural wonder, you may have found yourself making the following observations.

Old Faithful is perpetual. Year after year, decade after decade, century after century-it just keeps right on spouting. An endowment fund at Black Hills State University is not unlike Old Faithful. These ongoing funds faithfully provide income year after year after year for BHSU students.

Old Faithful is predictable. When you arrive at Old Faithful, you find signs announcing the next eruption. And sure enough, the "payout" happens pretty much on time. BHSU’s endowment funds are predictable, too. Every year, at appointed times, we receive a supply of income to help fund our scholarship programs.

Old Faithful is popular. There are many sights at Yellowstone, but it’s Old Faithful that draws the big crowds. Our endowment program is popular, too amongst our donors.

You can create your own geyser at BHSU by launching an endowment fund. The fund will perpetually and predictably provide funds for future needs. And thanks to you, it will be a popular source of ongoing support for generations to come!

For information on making a gift to the BHSU Foundation, contact Steve Meeker at or call (605) 642-6385.

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