The two most common types of gifts received at Black Hills State University are cash contributions or bequests. Charitable remainder trusts (CRT), however, are becoming more and more popular for BHSU alumni and friends and for good reason.

A charitable remainder trust is a tax-advantaged gift defined by law that allows you to provide income for yourself and others while making future gifts to the BHSU Foundation. The income you receive could be for a period of years; for the term of someone’s life; or a combination of both. You can select an income stream that will remain constant or you can have payments vary with the underlying value of the gift asset.

When establishing a CRT, you diversify your investments and increase income by selling the gift asset without any loss to capital gains tax. You also reduce current income taxes with the deduction you receive from establishing the future gift. You can place cash, stocks and bonds, commercial and residential real estate and farmland into a charitable remainder trust.

For information on making a gift to the BHSU Foundation, contact Steve Meeker at or call (605) 642-6385.

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