Everyone is remembered for the weight of his or her character. Your accomplishments, kindness, compassion, personal warmth, generosity, and values will determine your character.

When we leave positive impressions behind, we enhance the lives of our friends and loved ones. Thoughtful estate planning is one way we have to make that impression to help others recall our priorities. For example, consider the effect of a plan that not only includes provision for family members, but resources for Black Hills State University as well. When you include BHSU in the final disposition of your estate, you declare to your family and friends that you believe in and care about the mission of BHSU. Your parting gift becomes a clear declaration of your values. You can designate your estate gift for a specific purpose or it can be unrestricted for use where most needed.

There’s something about a well-planned estate gift that influences others to "go and do likewise." As friends and family members plan their own estates, they may recall your generosity and thoughtfulness. Your gift may unlock resources for BHSU from other estates.

For information on making a gift to the BHSU Foundation, contact Steve Meeker at stevemeeker@bhsu.edu or call (605) 642-6385.

This article is not intended for legal advice. For legal advice, consult an attorney.

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