A maximum allowance for lodging of $175.00 plus tax per day, not to exceed the actual cost of lodging, is the normal rate.    In addition, the President's designee may approve an amount not to exceed an additional $100.00 plus tax per day.  A statement of justification must be attached to the Out-of-State Travel Request and signed prior to travel.

Reimbursement at higher rates.  A state employee may be reimbursed at higher rates than the applicable out-of-state or in-state rates for lodging if approved in advance.  Requests for excess lodging should be submitted to the Budget Office prior to travel along with three (3) quotes.  The Budget Office will obtain the necessary approval, from the state auditor, and notify the requestor.  A copy of the prior approval shall be attached to the in-state or out-of-state travel payment detail form.


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