When you search on State = Unlocked, you will see all "pending" effort reports (Status = Under Review, or Status = Awaiting Certification) except: 1) your own reports, which can only be viewed from the Certify My Effort view/link; 2) those reports that are "on hold" (State = Changes Submitted); 3) an issue with the advanced search feature if the search exceeds the system-wide limit (this issue is not yet completely understood).  Certified effort reports will be locked in a timely manner, usually within thirty (30) days of certification.  There may be some certified reports displayed if they were recently certified and have not yet been locked.

Remember that it is possible to process changes to a previously reviewed and/or certified report, as long as it is unlocked.  These changes then create the need for review and certification to be completed again.  See also Request Changes / PHAREDS.

For more information on search criteria, please refer to the reference guide LinkClick.aspx.

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