Just a reminder to go out and Web Advisor/SDePay/Current Activity to make sure your bill is paid in full. 


For those that may have received a refund of excess financial aid: if you have made any changes to classes, or other charges, make sure you check Current Activity -- while your refund was being processed your cost difference may not be reflected in your refund, you may now owe.


Upon still owing, make sure you take care of the bill by Sept 6th, you can pay by:


1)      signing up for the monthly payment plan, www.bhsu.edu/payforcollege, or if questions, call 605-642-6480.

2)      paying with cash or check at the cashiers’ windows on 1st floor Woodburn

3)      going on-line and paying with credit card (2.75% fee)

4)      going on-line and paying with e-check (no fee)

5)      completing financial aid paperwork so aid will pay by the 6th

a.       if aid is not showing as “paid” on your Current Activity, or there is not any aid as of yet, make sure you stop by Student Financial Services to visit/call with them (or University Center, Rapid City) prior to the 6th.

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