Aid has been applied to bills for those students whose aid paperwork was complete, and bill due date just ahead.  Items to review:

  • Refunds have been processed, check your Current Activity account to see if your aid  is  paid (line of FINANCIAL AID PAYMENTS not FINANCIAL AID REMAINING).  Then check to see if you have a refund being processed in the line of “Refund”.  If not, did you forget to do Attendance Confirmation?
  • If your bill isn’t paid in full and Student Financial Services has documentation of aid that will eventually applied to your bill you can ask for a deferment, however, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for the deferment;  you can email, stop by the office or call. 

Remember, you need to have the bill paid by the end of the day on January 23 and must complete the Attendance Confirmation prior to that as well.   

If you make changes to your schedule or to campus charges, make sure you watch your CURRENT ACTIVITY account as aid or charges may have changed so you have a current bill – check even though you received a refund check as the refund check may have been cut prior to your charges/aid changing

Good luck this semester! 

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